Daniel Czyzyk, Ph.D.

Daniel grew up in Scranton, Pa. in north eastern Pennsylvania.  He received his B. S and M. A. in biochemistry from the University of Scranton, a medium size liberal arts Jesuit institution. As an undergraduate, Daniel conducted research with Dr. Joan Wasilewski.  During his graduate studies Daniel worked with Dr. Christopher A. Baumann.  Daniel also was employed for five years by Yale University Medical School in the Biochemical Disease Detection Lab, as a research assistant under Dr. Cheryl Garganta and Dr. Margretta Seashore.  He joined the Taylor group in 2008, graduated with his PhD in 2014 based upon his work on the characterization of Heptosyltransferase I. He is currently a post-doc at Yale University School of Medicine in the lab of Karen Anderson.