Kevin Barry, Ph.D.

Kevin, a native of Connecticut, received his B.S. in Chemistry in 2005 from Lafayette College (Easton, PA). While at Lafayette, Kevin actively pursued research in the fields of organometallic synthesis and electrochemistry under the guidance of Prof. Chip Nataro. Kevin spent two years at Indiana University studying and researching inorganic materials chemistry before returning to Connecticut to attend Wesleyan University, joining Prof. Erika Taylor’s research group in the fall of 2007. While largely departing from his roots as an inorganic chemist, Kevin has found a new passion as part of Team Biofuels in the Taylor lab. Kevin’s research focuses on the characterization of members of the PCA dioxygenase superfamily for future applications towards an enzymatic lignin degradation pathway. He graduated with his PhD in May 2015 and is now teaching chemistry at Southern Connecticut State University.